The Solar System of Ciudad Rodrigo


    e are Astróbriga, the astronomical group of Ciudad Rodrigo.

    We have a dream: to create the first scale model of the solar system in three dimensions and at the scale of Spain. Where? In the region of Ciudad Rodrigo.

    And we are going to do it. Perhaps you’d like to collaborate.

    We’re talking about a scale model of the solar system that is so big that Pluto will be in Portugal. We are also talking about a widely faceted project, capable of providing economic alternatives in the area, stimulating the intellectual curiosity of young people and creating new skills and jobs.

    A project that will be the pride of the whole region.

    How will we do it? How to join the project? Do you want more details? Follow these links:

    How things stand

    The project aims to create a “scale model” of the solar system in the region of Ciudad Rodrigo.

    We organise star gazing activities in the vicinity of Ciudad Rodrigo.

    We also organise talks and other informative activities.

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