Give us a hand !

Give us a hand and see your name on Ciudad Rodrigo’s Sun

The central element of Ciudad Rodrigo’s Solar System, the Sun, costs approximately 20,000. To create this sculpture the project envisages interlocking 1,700 small brass hands to form a large spherical body (each of the little yellow figures you see in the image).

With the crowd-funding programme “Give us a hand” we invite you to help us by sponsoring one or more of these hands. If you wish, we will engrave your name on every hand you sponsor. Each hand costs about 3 cups of coffee, that is 10.

In this way, the Sun, located on Ciudad Rodrigo’s emblematic Árbol Gordo traffic island, will not only be the nucleus of this outreach project, but will also become a symbol of how many small contributions, many interlocking hands, can achieve great things.

Your donation will be safeguarded in a special account created for this purpose by our association and will not be used until we have the funds to finance the whole project. This, in turn, means that after this phase we will be seeking further funding by attracting grants and public as well as private support and donations. We are giving ourselves 18 months to wrap up this second phase. If by the end of June 2021, we see that it is not feasible to launch the project, we will refund your contribution.

How can I help?

There are different ways of helping:

Individual donation. 1 to 4 hands , from €10 to €40. Your name engraved in the hands.

You can participate by donating one, two, three or four hands. Your name will be engraved on the hands you donate. Because they are intertwined and form part of a sculpture, it will be difficult to make out some names. However, your name will also be listed in the Donations section of the project website.

Join us. From 5 hands, that is from €50. Your name is engraved in the hands + membership of Astróbriga + guided astronomical tour of the natural planetarium of the night sky of Ciudad Rodrigo.

If you donate at least 5 hands, in recognition of your contribution, you will become a member of Astróbriga during the year 2020, with all the rights that this implies. In addition, you will be able to take part in a guided astronomical tour of Ciudad Rodrigo’s night sky. These visits will be conducted by qualified guides and will be exclusive to Astróbriga members and project sponsors.

Major donation. From 10 hands, i.e. €100 or more. Your name engraved in the hands + membership of Astróbriga + guided astronomical tour of the natural planetarium of the night sky of Ciudad Rodrigo + listed in the plaque Major donors and sponsors.

If you sponsor at least 10 hands, in addition to becoming a member, should you so wish, your name will be included in the plaque positioned close to the Sun (Árbol Gordo traffic island).

Sponsorship. If you are a company, institution or other entity and wish to collaborate in the project, you can see the benefits of being a sponsor by clicking the “Sponsorships” link.

How and where can I make my donation?

There are different ways of donating.

1. Here, on this website, using the Donate button at the bottom of this page.

2. In person by visiting one of our official partners:

El Baluarte

This shop is on Plaza Mayor, Ciudad Rodrigo

Nova Express

This bookshop is in 22 Calle Lorenza Iglesias, Ciudad Rodrigo

No matter how you make your contribution, you will automatically be given a receipt, and as already mentioned above, if by the end of June 2021, the building of the physical components of the project should be deemed non-viable, we will refund all donations.

In the “comment” section you can put the names that should appear engraved on the hands or, if you have chosen an option that includes making a member of Astróbriga, the name of that person.

They contributed!


100€ 12 April 2021


30€ 10 April 2021

Pedro J. Garcia

10€ 9 April 2021

Romeo Lorenzo Martin

10€ 13 March 2021

Cayetano Lorenzo Martín

10€ 13 March 2021


10€ 11 March 2021

Mélissa TORO

10€ 9 March 2021


250€ 6 March 2021

Angélica Ramajo

10€ 6 March 2021

Elena Sánchez Córdoba

10€ 5 March 2021

Vera Sánchez Córdoba

10€ 5 March 2021

sonia perez

10€ 5 March 2021

Juan González de Aguilar Delgado

50€ 2 March 2021

Olga Muñoz

10€ 25 February 2021

Federación de Asociaciones Astronómicas de España

170€ 22 February 2021

José Manuel Rodríguez Miguel

10€ 20 February 2021

Durante el proceso de aportación puedes solicitar que tu donación sea anónima. Si no marcaste esa casilla y deseas rectificarlo (o viceversa) envíanos un correo a y lo resolveremos a la mayor brevedad posible.